Registation for all SPORTING Blue Valley programs - from the Recreational and Premier programs, to Camps, to Tryout Registation, to Skills Club - it is all done online via our online registration system with Blue Sombrero. To register for a program, please complete the following steps:

1. Go to our website www.sportingbvsoccer.org (you are there now!)

2. Click on the REGISTER "button" at the top right hand corner of the home page. Note: REGISTER "buttons" are provided on all program webpages as well - just click on one of them!

3. The next page you will see brings you into the Blue Sombrero system. You can read this page to learn more about our programs OR you can simply click LOGIN at the top right hand corner to proceed to the next page.

4. On this page - if you are a family that has done programs with us before, you will add your User Name and Password to the left side of this page to gain access into your family account. If you have forgotten your user name or password - click on "Forgot user name or password?" and this information can be sent to the email we have on file. If you are new to SPORTING BV and our programs, you will fill out the right side of the page to create your User Name and Password.

5. The next page should bring your into your Blue Sombrero account. For those new to SBV, you will be asked for family/player information. Be sure you input your player(s) birthdate correctly, as that is the key component that prompts Blue Sombrero to "offer" the available programs for your age child.

6. You can click on REGISTER NOW under your player’s name to begin selecting which program(s) you want for each of your players. The programs you select will go into your shopping cart for final checkout. Various pages will then pop up possibly asking for your child’s school, past team/coach, emergency phone contact information, medical release, uniform sizing if needed, volunteer pages, etc. Some fields are mandatory - be sure to fill these fields in properly. Note - on EVERY registration, there is a place for SPECIAL PARTICIPANT REQUEST - you are able to type whatever you would like here, for example:

"We would like to keep Kyle on the same team he was on last fall with Coach Tim Taylor."

"We would like Cole to be on a team with children from Morse Elementary."

"We would like our twins, Sally and Susie, to be in different groups at Skills Club."

These comments are helpful to our adminstrators as they plan their programs. IMPORTANT - We cannot always grant these requests, but we do our best to take them into consideration when we are able.

7. Finally you will come to the SHOPPING CART page where you make your credit card payment.  Be sure your credit card address is the same as the address we have in the Blue Sombrero system.   Once all credit card information has been entered...be sure to hit SUBMIT at the bottom of the Shopping Cart page - you will then get back an order number. Once you receive the order number, you will know your registration has been fully processed!

Any questions you may have along the way, please call our office 913-685-2872 and we would be happy to help you.

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