Elite Clubs National League (ECNL)


KU will be offering a clinic from 6-7 pm for U15’s (birth year 2002) on Field 1N

KU will be offering a clinic from 7-8 pm for U17 (birth year 2000) on Field 1N

Space is limited. First come first serve. If interested please contact Doug McLagan at dmclagan@bssd.net



SPORTING Blue Valley ECNL Contacts:
Administrator – Lisa McCaughey
The ECNL is the top youth female league in the United States. SPORTING Blue Valley’s top premier older girls teams play in this ultimate league in the fall and spring seasons. The teams in this league for 2016-2017 are:
SPORTING Blue Valley Pre-ECNL 04 (U13 Girls) - Coach Steven Davies
SPORTING Blue Valley ECNL 03 (U14 Girls) - Coach Blair Quinn
SPORTING Blue Valley ECNL 02 (U15 Girls) - Coach Adam Lamb
SPORTING Blue Valley ECNL 01 (U16 Girls) - Coach Doug McLagan
SPORTING Blue Valley ECNL 00 (U17 Girls) - Coach Doug McLagan
SPORTING Blue Valley ECNL 98 (U19 Girls) - Coach Gareth Pritchard
SPORTING Blue Valley ECNL II 98 (U19 Girls) - Coach Colin Bulwich
The Elite Clubs National League (ECNL) was founded in 2009 to enhance the developmental experience of female youth soccer players in the US through:
·         Improving the competitive environment through creation of a true national competitive league with multiple flights
·         Improving the process of identifying elite female players for the US Soccer Youth National Teams
·         Improving the daily training environment through developing best practices and organizational guidelines for its member clubs
SPORTING Blue Valley is the ONLY club in the Kansas City Metropolitan area
to compete in the ECNL.
ECNL is divided into 8 regional conferences across the country – with the highest level of competition for girls teams U13-U18 in the US.  SPORTING BV competes in the Midwest Conference consisting of the following highly competitive clubs:
·         Eclipse Select (IL)
·         FC Wisconsin Eclipse (WI)
·         SPORTING Blue Valley (KS)
·         Michigan Hawks (MI)
·         Minnesota Thunder Academy (MN)
·         Sockers FC – Chicago (IL)
·         St. Louis Scott Gallagher – Metro (IL)
·         St. Louis Scott Gallagher – Missouri (MO)
·         Vardar SC (MI)
ECNL Teams play the other clubs both home and away for a 16-game regular season for U15-U18 in the fall and winter. The U13 and U14 age groups play a more varied schedule and will compete in the fall, winter and spring. 
ECNL National Showcases
The ECNL offers six National Showcase events throughout the country each year. Each showcase attracts more than 200 colleges. This is an opportunity for college coaches to see the best of the best competing, in order to get an accurate assessment of performance and potential. Clubs are assigned which showcases they will attend – with age groups U16 and U17 attending the most as this is the critical age groups for recruiting female players. 
ECNL Play-Offs National Showcase
All U15-U17 ECNL teams compete in a post-season ECNL Play-Offs National Showcase at the end of June each year. Depending on their position in their conference – teams will either complete in the Champions League Division OR the North American League Division. Winners for the Play-Offs will qualify for the ECNL National Finals – where the ultimate champion is crowned! For the U18 age group, the top sixteen teams bypass the Play-Offs and compete in the ECNL National Finals. 
 Questions? Contact Lisa McCaughey - administrator for the ECNL at (913)685-2872 X109 or lmccaughey@sportingbv.org.




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